We hope you enjoy the possibilities Glass brings to us. We are very excited about this Glassware.

Who are we?

We are the Speech Helper team, which all team members are current CS Master students from USC. We use our time out of class to make this Glassware happen and we are still working on making it better.

Read on to learn more about everyone in the team!

Guanghui Chen leading developer

Hello there, I'm Guanghui Chen, the co-leader of Speech Helper team and lead developer. I'm currently a software developer in Google. This Glassware is actually my second work on Glass. I started this Glassware alone at the end of 2013 and had a prototype of this Glassware you see today. I think this Glassware is very useful in real life and thus invited my dear friends to work on it together. Here I want to thank my team for their ideas and effort to make this Glassware better and ready for public use.

I hope you enjoy this Glassware, and I look forward to your feedback.

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Hualong Zu product manager

I’m Hualong Zu, a tech enthusiast and an entrepreneur. I am the co-leader and product manager of this team. I firmly believe in Glass; when I tried the product for first time, I immediately felt that it is the future. I invited my friends to form a team and build something on Glass. We are a strong team, the smartest developers at USC, and we are eager to utilize this technology to make the world better!

Yu Zhang developer

I am Yu Zhang, a software developer from Yahoo and tech geek. Inspired by the passion of my friends Hualong Zu and Guanghui Chen, I joined the team to build this Glassware, and I hope it will make a real difference in your presentations.

Yu Sun developer

I am Yu Sun, a software developer from Facebook. I consider myself a quick study and have considerable passion to build great apps. I was invited by my friend Guanghui Chen to take part in this project, and we really hope this Glassware will help people create and display more effective presentations.